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EnergyLove BIO : Matcha, Apple & Green Coffee Extract - Unsweetened

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Apples are not so ordinary as people usually think. They are especially prized for their rich source of dietary fiber and are therefore a great appetite suppressant.

We use apples in our Juices because of their natural sweetness as well. They balance the often marked accents of organic herbal extracts in our formulas.

EnergyLove BIO : Matcha, Apple & Green Coffee Extract - Unsweetened


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EnergyLove is the ideal drink to give a super boost to your mind and body. It’s full of organic Japanese Matcha tea. Avoid the typical early afternoon dip. The perfectly staggered energy release breathes life back into the brewery. The combination of organic apple juice with a hint of organic vanilla will quickly make EnergyLove your favorite beverage.

5 sachets of 20 gram each; with these you can prepare 5 to 10 cups, depending on your personal taste

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Japan glorifies the many unique properties of green Matcha tea since many centuries. Even the Emperor of Japan himself enjoys it regularly.

Naturally without any added sugar. Prepared hot or ice-cold, it’s really delicious. Buy it now and enjoy this exclusive beverage right away.

What makes EnergyLove unique?

We have created something different! This really is a new category of drinks based on organic and RAW fruit powders, as well as on the strongest herbal extracts. The best alternative to coffee or tea, and more! A drink such as EnergyLove is beautiful (with patented fruit fibre-foam), delicious (the author is a true chef and uses only real fruit and spices) and organic (because that's just how it should be with all food).

EnergyLove is part of a range of healthy and natural energy boosters. Because EnergyLove is made of high quality, organic fruit powders and organic spices with wholesome effects. Cold or hot, it’s equally tasty. On top of this, all herbal spices used are 100% organic, which really is not common in this market. So you truly drink real fruit and real spices. And you benefit from all of their health benefits!

P.S. People sometimes ask us if you should spell this name as EnergyLove, energy love or energy Love. Really. It is always in spelled one word, with both the first letter of the name as well as the L of Love in uppercase. So EnergyLove.

If you order it here and right now, you’ll enjoy it at home very soon. In just the same tasty and healthy way as the Emperor of Japan does. Isn’t that a good reason to buy some right away?




P.P.S. A COOL tip from Alain: EnergyLove Organic is also super delicious as a cold drink!

You can even dilute a sachet with 1 liter of water (and ice cubes). In this manner 1 box of EnergyLove organic gets you up to 5 liters of delicious drink. Cool isn't it?

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Additional Information

Organic Yes
Fairtrade No
No added sugar Yes
Vegan Yes
Gluten free Yes
Lactose free Yes
Caffeine free No
Raw Yes
Energy 29 kcal / 120 Joule
Fat < 0,5g
Fat Saturated 0,0g
Carbohydrates 5,4g
Carbohydrates - sugar 5,2g
Protein < 0,5g
Salt < 0,1g
Fibre 3,6g