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SleepyLove Mango ORGANIC : Bach Flower & Mango - No added sugar


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Sleep well with SleepyLove, a delicious organic drink . With Bach flowers and mango . A dream of a drink. Without added sugar . Ideal to drink half an hour before bedtime every night. It also has a cumulative effect, as you continue to drink SleepyLove regularly.

5 bags of 23 grams each; with these you can make 5 to 10 cups

as desired
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SleepyLove is a pure organic blend of Mango and Bach Flowers . SleepyLove ha s soothing effect and can promote a healthy sleep .

Sleep problems are extremely annoying. If only because you simply can not 'force' yourself to sleep and you continue to feel tired all day long. SleepyLove can promote a better night's sleep thanks to the presence of Bach flowers .


Are you, just like many, someone who experiences problems falling asleep quickly and easily? You worry, the stress and intensity of your busy life continues to weigh on you in the evening? Or are you, just like so many of us, worried about things that do not run as you would like them to? Things that do not run smoothly on a private level? Or at work? Or worse, someone who experiences more anxiety in the dark, which obviously also disturbs your night's rest? Like others, someone whose problems, once you are lying in bed in the dark, take on an extra negative dimension? Because you can not think of anything else anymore? Because your brain, as it were, dominates your need for peace?


How can Bach Flowers help you?

If you can't stop worrying, you cannot fall asleep easily. Bach flowers help calm your mental activity so that they increase your chances of falling asleep well. In addition, Bach flowers also help you to become more relaxed in the broader sense. That also promotes your sleep.

"During the creation of SleepyLove, I have also experienced a cumulative effect of the Bach flowers.The effect of our organic Bach flowers works cumulatively. Jyst like a wave that builds up in the ocean. You will sleep better and better. "


(Alain Indria, creator of SleepyLove)

What is our specific advice?


Lie down in your bed. Hold your cup of tea in both hands. Experience the glow that your cup of SleepyLove radiates and focus on it briefly. Then take a sip of this delicious drink. Experience the different taste nuances in your mouth, on your tongue and against your palate. Let the mango and Bach flowers slowly exert their effect. Slid gently away in a wonderful sleep . And wake up fresh and cheerful the next morning.

P.S. People sometimes ask us if you should write Sleepy Love, sleepy love, Sleepy love or sleepy Love. Really, they do. But it is always in one word, with both the first letter of the name and the L of Love as capital letters. So: SleepyLove.

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Additional Information

Organic Yes
Fairtrade Yes
No added sugar Yes
Vegan Yes
Gluten free Yes
Lactose free Yes
Caffeine free Yes
Raw Yes
Energy 33 kcal / 138 Joule
Fat < 0,5g
Fat Saturated 0,0g
Carbohydrates 6,7g
Carbohydrates - sugar 6,5g
Protein <0,5g
Salt < 0,1g
Fibre 2,8g